Business broadband solutions

Cutting through the hype and providing broadband that works for your business.

The broadband market can seem like an impenetrable jungle of speeds, costs, hardware requirements, download restrictions and access issues.

We cut through the hype to supply and manage hundreds of communications lines for our customers, all supported by our local engineers. These can be ADSL, SDSL or Leased Lines (private circuits), dependent upon what you need and your business budget.

Selecting your broadband

Broadband connections are commodities. There is a vast range of services from a large pool of suppliers who can offer you different packages. What you really want is the right service for your business. We work exclusively with business-focused Tier 1 suppliers who can provide you with what you need now, plus a route to what you may need in the future, and all at a competitive price.

Supporting your broadband

In such a price competitive area, the element that is always overlooked is the technical support available should anything go wrong. Even with more expensive leased lines, there is a tendency towards ‘someone else’s fault’ with original suppliers. Our approach provides a comprehensive end to end support. As well as selecting the right connection for you, we can examine and provide diagnostic support for your links remotely, including investigating the performance of your router and server. This allows us to identify the real problem and deal with it appropriately and effectively.

Computer Security
& Ransomware

Our partnership with Sophos allows us to compliment your existing anti-virus software with Intercept X, the World’s leading anti-ransomware protection.

Sophos partnership