Business telephony solutions

Flexible mobile and landline services that help you get a grip on costs.

The heart of your business is your telephone system.

Ranging from a traditional approach of landline hubs and mobile contracts, through to a complex VoIP (voice over IP) system which is fully integrated with your IT infrastructure, the important thing is to get something that works for you and your business.

Compatibility offers you a comprehensive and flexible approach to your telephony systems. We provide both mobile and landline services, working with all the major UK networks to give you the very best hardware and services linked up to a breadth of pricing plans to suit both your usage needs and your budget. Our partnerships ensure that we provide the very latest solutions including Multi-Network sim cards for mobile access, which link you to whichever signal is strongest when you are in poor service areas.

Computer Security
& Ransomware

Our partnership with Sophos allows us to compliment your existing anti-virus software with Intercept X, the World’s leading anti-ransomware protection.

Sophos partnership