Cloud computing

Cloud Computing lets you access computer services as a utility, on the same basis that you use electricity, water or gas.

Cloud computing lets you shed at least some of your expensive IT infrastructure and shift computing costs to more manageable operational expenses.

It also reduces the technology burden, allowing you to focus on your business rather than on underlying systems and software. And like any utility, as your needs change, you can turn the supply up or down, as required.

That is why Compatibility promotes a hybrid approach to the Cloud. We recognise that your business is unique and we work with you to understand where you can benefit from Cloud services and which bits of your business need to stay just where they are. Once that is done we can guide and support you through the transition process.

Compatibility is a Silver Partner of Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud-based service which gives you the familiar and powerful Microsoft Office tools, optimised for your business needs. You get affordable access from virtually anywhere to the full suite of Office applications, business-ready email, calendar, video conferencing, and up-to-date documents across all of your devices—from PCs to smartphones to tablets.

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